DT RAM Sports Muffler

DT RAM Sports Muffler

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The KM DT RAM 1500 sports muffler assembly replaces the factory muffler on the exhaust system. It is quick and easy to fit, with just 3 bolts!

Once fitted it gives the very cool Ram; a very cool Rumble.

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DT RAM Sports Muffler

This product suits a DT Model Ram 1500 with a Single inlet/Single outlet.

* Please ensure your factory muffler has a single inlet/single outlet before purchasing this product * 

The KM DT Ram 1500 sports muffler assembly replaces the factory muffler on the exhaust system. Furthermore, it is incredibly quick and easy to install for anyone of any skill level. You simply make a cut behind the muffler and undo the 2-bolt flange. The KM DT Sports muffler slides over the cut pipe and bolts back to the existing 2-bolt flange. Additionally, all of the hangers go back to the factory rubber mounts.  Lastly, once this system is fitted it gives the very cool Ram a very cool deep V8 Rumble.

  •          100% Australian-made, manufactured right here on the Sunshine Coast
  •          Improves flow, power and fuel economy.
  •          KM warranties this part in house. therefore, you are dealing directly with the Australian                           manufacturers.
  •          Stainless steel made construction for greatly extended service life.
  •          Replaces the stock muffler assembly. Bolts in, clamps on and reuses all factory hanger mounts.
  •          Quick and easy fitment, 2 bolts and a clamp then you are all done.
  •          Additionally, this will not affect new car warranty thus widely accepted distributed by vehicle dealerships.

       We ship fast. This is the quickest easiest part to fit, and the result is 100% awesome.

This kit includes the following:

  • DT RAM Mid Sports Muffler assembly
  • x1 3″ Single Bolt Clamp
  • x2 40mm bolts for the flange end
  • Note: This kit does not include a gasket, it reuses the factory gasket.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 34 × 15 cm


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