Driven by KM

Kuluin Mufflers uses the profits from both businesses (KM Exhausts and Kuluin Mufflers) to cover all the administration and running costs of our charity, Driven By KM. This means 100% of any monies donated to our charity are given directly to those who need it the most, the families of sick children. All our directors and committee members are volunteers and take no wages from our charity. It means that every time someone purchases an exhaust from our company, they too are helping those in the community around them. We are also privileged to have the QLD car community and local Sunshine Coast business assist our charity by hosting various fundraisers on our behalf.

Our charity offers immediate respite from financial hardship that have been placed on the family due to the chronic life-threatening health of a child. Driven By KM is dedicated to offering help in response to the needs of Sunshine Coast based families that have a medically complex child within their family unit. We hope that even if we are able to assist in a small way to relieve some burden of responsibility, whether it be by paying outstanding household bills, helping with siblings school fees or assisting in paying for car repairs, it will give the family some relief both financially and time wise so that they can devote their precious time to their family. We assist with organising and paying for a range of various household bills that may build up whilst the parent / carer has needed to take time to care for their child. We can cater to assist with emergency accommodation costs or travel fees at short notice when emergency hospital admissions arise. We understand that at times parents or caregivers may need to leave work for extended periods and we would like to reduce the stresses that surround a family with a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness such as cancer, by extending the caring hand of assistance and offering hope and the knowledge that they are not alone in their journey.

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