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Upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system with the 3.5″ GWM Cannon DPF Back 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust by Kuluin Mufflers. This high-quality exhaust system kit is designed for easy replacement. This DPF back system boasts 100% accuracy of fit and comes with clamps and an exhaust system included. Improve your vehicle’s performance and achieve a sleek look with the 3.5″ GWM Cannon DPF Back Exhaust.

This exhaust system is handmade, from the finest New Zealand-made 304 stainless steel. It has a slip joint for maximum seal and longevity. This exhaust will outlast all of us. We have tested this exhaust system on numerous vehicles before releasing it and we have put together the perfect setup for aesthetics, longevity, power gains and most importantly giving the maximum potential turbo diesel note from a DPF vehicle.
You will need to cut a join into your factory exhaust to fit this system, professional fitment is a must!
– Developed in-house on multiple GWM Cannons for the best setup and 100% guaranteed fitment.
– Australian made
– Hand Made
– Full 3.5” 304 stainless steel construction
– Lower your Exhaust Temperature by a significant amount while attaining a deeper exhaust note
– This system alone will increase the turbo response, add a tune and you have one hand full of a Turbo diesel.
– Sound, yes your DPF Cannon has the potential to make a nice note. This system will give subtle note that will sound great outside the vehicle but is still quiet cruising inside the cabin.
Please note: This system ends in front of the rear differential.